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The Collective:

Stefan is a professional with 20+ years of experience in organizing production of apparel in Bulgaria. He knows textile in it’s core – from production of yarns, fabrics and garments to the best sources of materials in Europe, Turkey and the Far East as well. He is passionate about keeping Bulgarian production running and has gathered around trustable manufacturing units, and materials suppliers.

Svetoslava is a tailor by heart. She makes patterns and clothes, following the body curves. She is founder of Ad hoc atelier where unique, custom made clothes are being born.

together we established Ad hoc solutions where we find solutions on demand using our expertise and knowledge

We are passionate of providing opportunities for small brands grow big and keeping the Bulgarian textile and clothing business running.

So we put together a collective of Bulgarian production units for textile products made in Bulgaria including:

  • Promotional clothes and accessories (ready made for personalization and custom manufacturing of special models).
  • Sportswear of all kinds
  • Functional clothing – rainwear, coldwear, warmwear
  • Corporate wear, workwear, special protective clothing
  • Fashion collections for startups,
  • Leather goods – bags, wallets, etc.
  • Development of new models, samples, patterns, size sets.
  • Design and crafting of custom clothing, special sizes


The core of our collective is experience, knowledge, professionalism and loyalty!


So, do not hesitate to send us your inquiries


BG design collective – info@bgdesigncollective.com

Ad hoc solutions LTD – Sofia, Bulgaria